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About Natural Care


NaturalCare® Products has been creating the finest homeopathic and dietary supplement products since 1993. With an understanding of standard homeopathic medicine and the historical uses of herbs and dietary supplements, our expert formulators have produced such best selling products as RingStop, SinuFix, NerveFix and Reflux-Away. NaturalCare is committed to developing new and innovative products using the most up to date research that will help consumers live happier, healthier lives. Whether it's protection from airborne viruses with AirDefense Nasal Mist, or relief of varicose veins with Vein-Gard caps and cream, NaturalCare has you and your family covered.


About Us

NaturalCare® Products was founded in 1993 with the goal of providing focused specialty homeopathic and specialty dietary supplement products using traditional remedies with the latest science in nutritional supplementation.

Our goal has always been to provide safe, effective natural products using traditional remedies with the latest science on supplements. Creating many symptom specific products that appeal to specific segments of the population, our products continue to enjoy wide support and acceptance as a quality, trusted brand.  We manufacture products we use personally and give to our friends and families. Using homeopathic solutions that conform to the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, and nutritional supplement products supported by a wealth of clinical information, we have formulated products that will have a positive impact on our customers' lives and health.

NaturalCare has grown and expanded, adding new, innovative products that represent the best of cutting-edge technology with the tradition of herbal and homeopathic medicine. The products are sold all over the United States and Puerto Rico in fine health food stores, and in select overseas markets.

Air DefenseThe company believes that self-care is the future of health care. That is why NaturalCare is dedicated to expanding self-care choices with new, natural products that provide our customers with natural remedies that will truly help them live life to its fullest. All NaturalCare's products are developed with great attention to the science and tradition of the products to guarantee appropriate activity and safety in each and every dose.

Most products are accompanied by a Consumer Guide that gives additional specific information about health concerns, and other complementary and alternative methods for dealing with certain physical or emotional conditions. The guides offer other options to use in conjunction with NaturalCare products. This is part of our program to enlighten and educate consumers about other important aspects of their lives that can improve overall health and well being.

As new science emerges, NaturalCare will continue to introduce new products into the marketplace with these same goals and principles in mind. NaturalCare is leading the way in creating life-enhancing products today - for a healthier tomorrow!

Both retailers and consumers have let us know about the positive impact of NaturalCare in their lives. We trust you will have the same results after trying some of our great health products.


Our Mission Statement

Peak EnergyNatural Care was founded under the guiding principal that Nature holds the key in solving many of life's health issues. Natural Care's team of scientists and research experts has developed proven techniques to harvest and harness nature's hidden power. By applying pharmaceutical science techniques to nature's remedies, Natural Care has successfully identified key ingredients of many herbal substances known to be effective in supporting and sustaining good health.

Natural Care is leading the way in creating life-enhancing products today… for a healthier tomorrow!


What is Homeopathy?

Simply stated, homeopathic remedies often include substances that in their non-diluted state may cause the same symptoms that highly diluted substances may help alleviate. As a similar, but not to be confused as a same comparison, childhood inoculations contain dead or live fractions of specific diseases. The goal is to stimulate the host immune system to create antibodies against a specific disease such as measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc.

Homeopathic remedies may be derived from either plant, mineral or animal sources. When taken in large quantities symptoms may occur. However, when highly diluted according to homeopathic principles, immune system signaling or stimulation occurs in an effort to reduce symptomatology via gentle non-toxic immune system up-regulation.

Homeopathy was originally discovered by a German physician some 200 years ago. Today, homeopathy is regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and has been since 1938. Additionally, homeopathy is considered to be the safest form of medicine known to man, and enjoys an enviable safety record when compared to allopathic medicine. Furthermore, homeopathy is the second largest healing system and is used worldwide.

NaturalCare utilizes this rich medicinal history in the formulation of many of our products, giving consumers the benefits of homeopathy and, in some cases, the nutritional support of dietary supplement ingredients.


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